Back to the Future day

Photo credit: Mail Online

Back to the Future fans probably know that thirty years ago today, Marty McFly arrived from 1985 in a Delorean after hitting 88mph.”You mean we’re in the future?” McFly asked Dr Emmett Brown. The 1989 blockbuster film actually got some predictions right, such as video conferencing, robotic drones, biometric payment terminals, electric cars (though not flying ones), and some prototype hoverboards that actually work. However, the film did miss arguably the two biggest technological advances of the past 30-years, the internet and smart devices. According to Doc Brown in Back To The Future Part III, the “future is not yet written,” so 2025 might end up looking far stranger than 2015. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Great Scott, it’s the October 21st, 2015. Today is the day in Back to the Future Part II that Marty McFly and ‘Doc’ Brown arrive in Hill Valley after travelling forward in time from 1985. The 2015 in the film featured hoverboards, self-tying laces, dog-walking drones and flying cars, not to mention Biff Jnr’s bizarre metal helmet. But how many of the futuristic predictions made in the classic sci-fi film have come true, and how many did it get wrong or miss completely?,” said Mail Online.

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