Bellus 3D Face Camera

Bellus 3D takes cameras to a whole new level, or to be more specific, they’ve created a 3D face camera for mobile devices that scans 500,000 points on your face in high resolution. Once scanned, the company sends you a file that can be transferred to a 3D printer to be fabricated into a mask. This is made possible with the infrared scanners on its camera, and once the Bellus 3D app is launched, you basically position your head within an outlined parameter, look ahead, turn to the left when asked, and then again to the right. You can see and zoom in on every wrinkle, pore and hair follicle in full color on the scans. Click here to view the first image in this week’s things that look like other things gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of glass shotgun slugs you definitely don’t want to mess with.

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