If you expect nothing but the best and have millions to burn, Bentley’s Mulsanne Executive Interior is just for you. This luxury car is a first class mobile office on wheels. Featuring a built-in wireless internet system (Mi-Fi), Wi-Fi, three televisions, and two docking iPad docking stations, complete with wireless keyboards. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to the specifications, the main TV is a 15.6-inch high definition screen whilst the smaller TV sit in the back of the front headrests. There are electric powered wood veneer picnic tables that drop from the backs of the front seats which have the iPad workstations on them, including a Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

The Mac Mini has 20GB of storage space for films and music which is broadcast through a 200W, custom 20 speaker system.The satellite navigation is state of the art and has voice zip code recognition – plus those in the back can put in new destinations too. Among the other features are slots in the seats for the wireless keyboard when you are not working, a rear view camera and an iPod dock on the armrest.