We’ve compiled a list of the best / most popular Top Gear clips that our team has come across. Which ones are your favorites? Videos after the jump.

Toyota Hilux

In this entertaining Top Gear segment, “Jeremy Clarkson tests Toyota’s Hilux (aka Toyota Tacoma) pickup to destruction with a series of extraordinary tasks.”

Remote Controlled Cars

Richard Hammond and James May have some fun with full sized remote-controlled cars in this entertaining Top Gear segment.

Caravan Trip

Straight from the latest episode of Top Gear (S8 E6), Jeremy Clarkson and friends go on an entertaining caravan trip.

Jet-Powered Kayak

In this Top Gear segment, “Richard Hammond drives an incredibly fast Tom Cat rally car in Iceland and narrowly avoids disaster when he hits a rock during a race with a jet-powered kayak.” Video after the jump.[via Source]

Range Rover vs. Challenger 2 Tank

In this Top Gear segment, Jeremy Clarkson trys to outrun a Challenger 2 tank in a Range Rover Sport.