File this under: cool bikes. Called the Bicymple, this innovative bicycle boasts a lightweight design that uses “both front and rear wheels to steer, allowing it to corner extremely tightly and even ride sideways in what the designers call ‘crab style’.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

Its maker, Josh Bechtel of Scalyfish Designs, based in Washington, says it will change the way people cycle – even allowing them to ride sideways. Bechtel also says the bike is far better suited than current designs to city riding and storing in apartments. ‘The ultra-compact design makes it effortless to get in and out of tight spaces and easily squeezes into stairwells, hallways, fire escapes, nooks, and crannies.’ The design of the bike is simple. The steel frame is just two bars running above and between the two wheels, with the forks sitting diagonally so there is just a small gap between the 29-inch front and rear wheels.


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