Monster Black Hole

Researchers have proposed a new theory that the center of blackholes may act as a “back door”, or gateway, for wormholes. In other words, anything traveling through a black hole would be stretched, but then returned back to its normal size when emerging in a different part of the universe. “Our theory naturally resolves several problems in the interpretation of electrically-charged black holes. In the first instance, we resolve the problem of the singularity, since there is a door at the centre of the black hole, the wormhole, through which space and time can continue,” said Gonzalo Olmo, a Rampn y Cajal researcher at the University of Valencia. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“While it’s unlikely that a human would survive this process, the researchers say the matter inside the black hole would not be lost forever as it’s previously been thought, and would instead be expelled into another area of the universe. And, the researchers say there would be no need for ‘exotic’ energy to generate the wormhole, as Einstein’s theory of gravity suggests,” according to The Daily Mail.


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