Light-Up Lightning Cable

BlueFinger’s Light-Up Flowing Lightning Cable is currently being offered for only $4.99 shipped, today only, originally priced at $38.99. When the cable is glowing (a flowing blue light) that means your device is charging, but at full capacity, these lights will stop to let you know it’s at full capacity. Product page. Continue reading for another in-action video and more information.

Notable features:

  • Electroluminescent (EL) technology to see current flow as charging.
  • Visible current flowing speed indicates the iPhone battery level: 1% – 65% FAST; 65% – 99% SLOW; 100% off.
  • Shuts off power from the source when your device is fully charged.
  • Hotsysnc & Charging all in one.

[via Amazon]

This works as a standard USB/Apple connector that works across all iOS devices, including the iPhone 4, 5, 6 (6 Plus), iPad, and more. It’s designed for rapid, efficient charging to save you time when needed. More information.

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