Bond Handwriting Robot

We have seen the future of handwriting robots, and it’s “Bond”. To start, users submit a handwriting sample online, which then the software analyzes to identify how you form each letter of the alphabet, along with things like the slant and spacing of your writing. Next, you choose a blank card from the Bond website whenever you want to send someone special a note and send the typed text you want to have written, along with the recipient’s name and address. The company’s 11 robots, or at least one of them, will then write the text in the card, which will subsequently be mailed. If you happen to lose a check (or checkbook) around company headquarters, we recommend voiding it immediately. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“If you wish, you can instead opt for a handwriting style other than your own. Among the styles currently on offer is one that replicates the handwriting of Nikola Tesla. With the current beta version of the system, users have to initially pay US$199 for Bond to learn their writing style. The cards cost just $2.99 each, or less for businesses making bulk orders,” reports Gizmag.



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