There was an overwhelming response to our “Bully” giveaway contest, so we decided to post some of our favorite captions — from day 1 — after the jump. For those interesting in submitting a caption, please refer to this post only — entries submitted to our daily update will not be considered.

How dare they put my desk in the locker room!” – Kris

“Its….oh god no! Its an exothermic nuclear fission reaction! Stop!!” *Bats at it with his bat* – Casey

Tommy knew unless he destroyed the computer completely, he would never be able to overcome his World of Warcraft addiction – Cbus

When the blue screen of death appeared before he saved his homework, Tommy provided a fatal error of his own. – Kage

“Hey Bobby, when you said the files were in the computer, they were IN the computer right? Well, I don’t see any files in the computer right now.” – Shawn

“I promise Principal Prichard it was the Dell battery.” – J.P.

Testers find some teething problems with Sony’s answer to the Wiimote. – Chris