Canon 120MP Sensor

Photo credit: Peta Pixel

We have seen the future of Canon’s point-and-shoot as well as DSLR cameras, and it includes this 120-megapixel CMOS sensor, which made its debut at a photography expo in May 2016. It’s officially called the “120MXS,” and boasts an ultra-high-resolution of 13280 x 9184. The sensor itself, an APS-H senso, slots between a full frame (36 x 24 mm) and APS-C crop (22.5 x 15mm). “Ultra-high-resolution is made possible by parallel signal processing, which reads signals at high speed from multiple pixels. All pixel progressive reading of 9.4fps is made possible by 28 digital signal output channels. It is available in RGB or with twice the sensitivity, in monochrome,” said a Canon representative. Click here for the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one explaining how you know you’re a genius.

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