Carbon Fiber Gladiator Suit

Here’s another look at Unified Weapons Master’s Lorica (Latin for armor) gladiator suit – made from carbon-fiber, polycarbonate material, and elastomeric foam. Not just built for durability and looks, this armor is made of multiple layers of protective materials embedded with sensors that can detect both where it’s struck, and how hard. The blow’s strength is then compared to biomedical data about injuries to determine how to score the strike. This enables the combatants to use the full extent of their weapons training, without worrying about injury. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

UWM is aiming to have the first official competitions up and running by 2016 and says: “At the moment, someone in the suit could certainly do a roll in it if needed, but we’re looking to keep refining that articulation and mobility.” So rather than watching The American Gladiators on DVD, you’ll actually be able to relive “the days of the Coliseum.”

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