Carnegie Wave Energy

These look like underwater UFOs, but the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project uses waves to generate real power for the electric grid on land. These buoy-like CETO technologies are submerged in the roiling seas off the coast of Perth in Western Australia and will harness energy from incoming swells and convert it into electricity and desalinated water, no greenhouse gas emissions required. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“CETO 5, the fifth iteration of the CETO technology named for the ancient Greek sea goddess, was designed to demonstrate the commercial viability of large-scale wave power. An array of three submerged 240-kilowatt buoys is tethered to the seabed via hydraulic water pumps. The system bobs up and down with the waves, pushing pressurized water through power turbines while simultaneously feeding a desalination water system,” reports Inhabitat.


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