Celluveyor Omnidirectional Conveyor Belt

Unlike other conveyor belts, Celluveyor is an omnidirectional conveyor belt that can move objects freely in any direction, thanks to several small hexagonal cells driven by omnidirectional wheels. How did this idea come about? Well, the inventors were inspired by soccer-playing robots, so they decided to take the robots, place them upside down and use the wheels to move packages around. The path for any parcel can be set using software on a tablet, while its direction can be changed by pressing a single button. Read more for this week’s selection of interesting images from around the web.

15. Colorful

Apartments in Guizhou China

14. Burg Eltz

German Castle at Dawn

13. It Exists

Christmas is lonely

12. Real-Life Borderlands

My Borderlands style painting on a toolbox

11. Hidden Gem

Timgad is an ancient Roman city in North Africa, located on the territory of modern Algeria 35 km east of the city of Batna

10. Mashup

Star Wars Gundam

9. Chippy

Pretty cool!

8. Milky Way

I was doing a milky way shoot and i say a meteor shoot through the sky, My camera captured it!

7. Severely Damaged

X Ray technicians hand

6. Space Efficient Design

This design is so cool

5. Just Patrick Stewart

I can't decide which is cuter!

4. Hoth

This cloud formation looks like an AT-AT walking on Hoth.

3. Absolutely Gigantic

Mount Olympus Mons on Mars is the largest mountain in the solar system. It is 24 km high and 550 km wide. Its height is 3 times as Mount Everest is larger than its country such as France

2. Surprisingly Realistic

Really really really, ridiculously good looking realistic pokemon

1. Stained

Creating the Hyrule Shield in stained glass