Japanese Illusion

Meiji University professor Kokichi Sugihara specializes in creating impossible illusions that seem to defy gravity, including these mind-boggling slopes that you see above. How is this possible? Technology of course, as he used a computer program to interprets two dimensional line drawings as three dimensional objects. “Sometimes the program turned these objects into real objects, and that’s how I discovered that some impossible objects are not really impossible – they can actually be built as solids in three-dimensional space,” said Sugihara. Continue reading for two more of his impossible illusions.

“The mathematician said the brain is easily fooled into thinking the ramps are facing the other way,” reports The Daily Mail. “Because the images do not contain information about the depth and the brain must guess by entering additional information such as squareness or symmetry. On the other hand, there are infinite ways to interpret an image without this process would have no way to understand them,” adds Sugihara.