The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle is one unlike any other because James Hoegh used it to set a record 172.2mph at the Bonneville Salts, which is the equivalent of 200mph on straight asphalt. This bike is powered by a 2,163 cc motor pumping out 160-horsepower, mated to a 5-speed transmission. Suspension wise, it comes equipped with Beringer brakes in the front and Brembo brakes out back. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos of today, including a clip of something unexpected bursting out of a banana.

5. Arnold Pranks Fans as The Terminator

4. Newly Discovered Octopus Should be Called Adorabilis

3. 8-Bit Ski

2. Spider Bursts Out of a Banana

1. Samsung’s Safety Truck

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