We have seen the future, and it’s flexible displays. This technology hasn’t yet been perfected, but it definitely gives us a glimpse into the future of mobile displays.

Polymer Vision’s Cellular Book

PhoneScoop reports that Polymer Vision has created a “Cellular Book” that uses flexible E-Ink technology. This device is basically a functional electronic-document reader that can unroll its display to a scale larger than the device itself — with four gray levels, the monochrome, 5-inch QVGA (320 pixels x 240 pixels) display provides paper-like viewing comfort with a high contrast ratio for reading-intensive applications, including text, graphics, and electronic maps.

FOLED – Flexible OLED Display

We have seen the future of displays, and it’s “FOLED,” which are “organic light emitting devices that are built on flexible substrates such as plastic or metallic foil.”

FOLED displays can offer significant performance advantages over LCD displays that are typically built on rigid glass substrates and contain a bulky backlight

Plastic Logic’s 150ppi Flexible SVGA Display

One of our readers just sent in a video of Plastic Logic’s 150ppi flexible SVGA display. Unfortunately, these displays are just prototypes, but they’re hoping to mass produce a 10-inch 150ppi flexible display by 2008.