Anyone trying to purchase a decent arcade joystick now days (like this MadCatz TE) will have a tough time landing one, mainly due to the Street Fighter 4 release, unless you’re one of these handy gamers. Continue reading to see more.

Pizza Hut Box

The pizza might have been affordable, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw out the box it came in. This mod combines advanced features with a barebones design, which takes some getting used to.


For those who want to rid themselves of an old book that’s been sitting around and collecting dust, this arcade joystick mod should do the trick. Basically, you’ll need a very thick book, powered hand saw, joystick template, and arcade stick parts.

Nintendo DS

Most Nintendo DS boxes are boring. This amazingly creative arcade joystick is not. It’s a fully-functionally game controller capable of being used with all the latest and greatest games — made with authentic Japanese arcade parts as well.