The on-the-go gadget enthusiast who likes to stand out will appreciate these creative keyboards that manage to combine both art and function into one package. Continue reading to see more.

Scrabble Keyboard

Here’s a first: a functional keyboard made from Scrabble letters. Though it may look like a vintage piece, this keyboard still boasts USB connectivity, brushed aluminum accents, and integrated LEDs for some style.

Glass Keyboard

Designed by Kong Fanwen, this no-touch glass keyboard is comprised of laser-etched keys, paired with a camera to track hand movements in real-time. It also features a built-in lighting system that ensures proper visibility in low light conditions.

Keyboard Pants

For those who prefer to have a wireless keyboard on them at all times, these “Beauty and the Geek” jeans are just for you. You’ll also find a strategically placed joystick control behind the zipper, which we don’t recommend using in public.