Breaking away from using gamepads to play Mario games are these modders. From racing simulators to webcams, you’ll find it here. Continue reading to see more — plus a bonus clip.

1. Force Dynamics 301 Racing Simulator

Force Dynamics has just upgraded its 301 racing simulator and added SNES compatibility. In the demonstration above, you’ll see Super Mario Kart played the way it should be, complete with rotating seat — an accelerometer-equipped controller was attached to the simulator for steering inputs.

2. Super Mario Drag and Drop

The FCEUX NES emulator does away with the normal Super Mario Bros. controls by allowing players to avoid obstacles and enemies by essentially dragging and dropping the mouse cursor — manipulating the playing field.

3. Cam Mario

Simply put, a Japanese gamer managed to hack Mario, creating a strange level that utilizes his hand — tracked by a webcam — to play the game. While it may not be the most efficient way to play, using your hand to scoop Mario over enemies sure beats the gamepad, or so we think.

Bonus – R/C Car and Bottles Recreate Mario Theme

That’s right, someone has managed to skilfully recreate the Super Mario Bros. theme by driving an R/C car along a perfectly positioned line of glass bottles. Video after the break.