Laser Shotgun

YouTube user “styropyro”, known for his mind-blowing laser creations, is back with his latest project: a 40W laser shotgun. It’s powered by a lithium-polymer battery pack and constructed with eight parallel 5W laser beams fastened to a large heatsink that uses lenses to manipulate its power, creating a giant diode laser array regulated by 24 LM317 drivers. Continue reading to see it in-action.

“Further demonstration proves the laser gun’s incredible 40W of power and its capabilities in bursting balloons and reducing ping pong balls and pieces of wood to piles of flames and ash almost instantaneously. For a comparison, the most powerful over-the-counter laser you can buy from a store right now would only have 0.005W of power, while the prototype lasers used by U.S. Navy warships have 30,000W of power and are used to shoot down drones,” reports HypeBeast.