Unlike other bikes, the Varibike is the world’s first bike that lets you pedal with your feet and arms. In addition to traditional foot pedals, it comes standard with a set of cranks that the rider turns with their arms to make it easier and faster when cycling. This unique transportation device was designed by 43-year-old Martin Kraiss, from Ulm in Germany and costs £4,000. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Mr Kraiss added: ‘Because you have 30 per cent more power it is easier to climb hills and the rider can go faster. It is also easier on longer rides as you can use arm and leg drive in varying intensity, allowing individual muscle groups to relax repeatedly while riding. It is more fun when you can vary between different cycling styles and alternate by using your arms and legs.’

A recent study by the New Mexico State University found that although the same heart rate is achieved with an arm – and leg-powered drive, the cyclist can achieve 31 per cent more power. In addition, the continuous power output is higher so the overall workout is more effective.