DeepFire AT4

For those who take Airsoft seriously, you might want to consider adding at Deep Fire AT4 to your arsenal. It’s essentially a 40mm powered launcher with a 57mm inner bore for launching large projectiles, and based on the real AT4 built by Swedish Saab Bofors Dynamics. The real launcher is a single use, non reloadable, recoil-less weapon designed for anti-tank/emplacement use. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

According to Boolinganairsoft, “It’s a specialized gun for specific scenarios, and it comes with a price to match. Yes, you can build a 40mm powered launcher for $10 in PVC pipes and rubber reducers, but it won’t be nearly as gorgeous as this thing, nor will it have the realistic look needed for some OPs. This is Deep Fire’s new halo gun, basically their top of the line, absolutely peak product in their product line, and I think it fits that role extremely well. If you find yourself needing a modern anti-armor replica, and have the budget to allow for the purchasing one of the highest quality ones on the market, this should absolutely be on your shopping list. It combines durable construction, realistic appearance, great performance, and pure intimidation into one awesome package.”