The Delta Six is one game controller you don’t want to travel with, as it was modeled after a real gun, an assault rifle to be more specific. Targeted “at adult gamers, the device is intended to give players of First-Person Shooting (FPS) games a more immersive experience than has been possible so far.” Continue reading for a video and more information.

However, the imminent release of the hyper-realistic add-on is bound to raise fears that computer games encourage violent behaviour among the young.The hybrid controller incorporates all the controls of a standard joypad in a shell modelled on military grade assault weapons. ‘The only way to get more real is to enlist’: U.S. soldiers in Iraq carry Armalite M16 assault rifles, similar in appearance to the Delta Six controller With a built-in accelerometer that its makers say can be used in any game without calibration, it aims like a real gun without the need for a receiver on top of the user’s television set.