Drone Lost Power

Drones can be had for under $100 these days, but there are expensive models, like the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0, that you don’t want to see crash land. Zwier Spanjer manage to capture himself saving his beloved DJI Phantom 2 drone moments before it crash landed into a body of water. As he was flying it over a field in a small town, its battery became depleted and the drone began a slow uncontrolled descent to the ground. Continue reading to see the non-remixed version of the video.

“Realizing that he was about to lose his new $580 piece of equipment to the water, Spanjer quickly hopped in, waded over, and caught the drone with one hand just as it was about to hit the water. The onboard camera captured dramatic footage of the whole thing,” reports PetaPixel.

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