When is a dumpster, not just something you throw trash in? When it’s converted into a functional swimming pool, complete with lounge deck. The creative pool you see above was made by Macro-Sea, a development company who started the whole idea by hosting secret swimming parties in NY made from the trash receptacles. Continue reading for a video and more pictures.


Simons described the pools as an innovative trend in New York City: “It’s taking something we’re used to seeing in one particular way and really inventing them and using them in this totally creative and new way.” The Park Avenue pools are all made from brand-new dumpsters that never functioned as trash bins. The containers were remodeled into swimmer-friendly oases in the city, complete with decking, showers, and a lounge with cabanas for changing. “There’s furniture around so you can actually chill out and catch a sun tan if you want,” Simons said.

“It was a little chilly but fun and kind of magical,” said Lenna Nepomnyaschy, 43, a Manhattan professor. “Just the fact that there’s Grand Central (station) right there and you’re in the pool – it’s surreal,” added Nepomnyaschy. “I have another suggestion for Mayor Bloomberg – hot tubs in the winter.” The pool party – complete with cabanas, hammocks and bean bag chairs – is part of this year’s Summer Streets, where Park Ave. and surrounding streets are closed to car traffic from Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge.


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