Earth-Sized Planet

Researchers have discovered a rocky Earth-sized planet, named GJ1132b, that may have its own atmosphere has been spotted orbiting a small nearby star. It’s around 1.2-times the size of our planet and is predominantly composed of rock and iron. This is now the closest Earth-sized planet to be discovered beyond our own solar system and is three times closer than those spotted previously. The surface of the planet may experience temperatures of between 278°F and 584°F. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The planet is much hotter than Earth, much hotter even than Venus. It’s very close to its host star, which bakes it to a temperature of 500K, about as hot as your oven will go. This planet is going to be a favorite target of astronomers for years to come. With the James Webb Space Telescope, we will be able to observe the color of this planet’s sunset, sense the heat emanating from its toasted surface, and estimate the speed of its winds. It’s too hot to be habitable – there’s no way there’s liquid water on the surface. But it is a lot cooler than the other rocky planets we know of,” said Dr Zachory Berta-Thompson to Mail Online.

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