We have seen the future of watches, and it’s the Emopulse Smile SmartWatch. Besides the iOS-like interface, this device is essentially a twin-display smartphone that users wear like a bracelet, utilizing flexible OLED displays. That’s right, the top display is activated as soon as the user lifts their arm, and the lower, when it’s pointed upwards by twisting the wrist. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

The Smile runs an algorithm-based, custom Linux AI operating system, and uses biosensors embedded in the device to gather information about its wearer and uses the data to help automate certain processes. After watching a few movies or listening to streamed music, for example, the system will recommend more content based on user tastes and/or emotional responses.

The device will be powered by the yet-to-be-released low-power, high-speed OMAP 5 processor from Texas Instruments, which has built-in graphical processing for high-definition playback that should be able to comfortably cope with on-wrist gaming. The Smile boasts 2 GB of system memory, and either 128 or 256 GB of included solid state memory.