Airless Bicycle Tire

Forget having to worry about air pressures in tires, or accidentally puncturing them on rugged terrain, and say hello to the Energy Return Wheel. Designed by Britek’s Brian Rusell, these special tires use rubber that has been stretched over a series of carbon nano tube reinforced composite rods rather than air. They were designed to provide the same cushioning as traditional, air filled tires would provide, and the rods can be easily adjusted, allowing the tension on the rubber to adapt to different road conditions and terrains, improving both flexing and recoil cycling for riders. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

Russell says: “In theory, when a car is riding on ERWs, it will be like riding on 4 slingshots. This ‘Slingshot Effect’ could cause a dramatic improvement in the car’s acceleration. Because the ERWs could de-weight the car, its braking performance should also be improved. Because the ERW doesn’t have a sidewall like pneumatic tires, there shouldn’t be any lateral sidewall deflection when the car is cornering. No sidewall deflection means an increase in handling performance as well.”

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