Engineer Dr. Mike Page has QB2, a miniature cube house that measures 10ft (3m) tall and 13ft (4m) wide and can sleep up to two people. Mike says the $17,000 house is as easy to build as “an IKEA Billy bookcase” and takes a mere four hours to build. Despite its small size, this house still managed to cram in a lounge, spiral staircase, kitchen, full-size bathroom and bedroom which are spread over three floors. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

Here’s what Dr. Mike Page has to say about the QB2: “It goes together like flat-pack furniture, although when a customer buys it they will get the finished product and won’t have to put it together themselves. It takes around four hours to put the cube together, however it would obviously take longer when you add I’m the furniture, it depends how quickly you work. Most of the furniture inside is from Ikea, which I guess does coincidentally link in with how easy the QB2 is to put together.”


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