With a hefty $60-$80 million price tag, the Spike Aerospace S-512 is touted as the world’s first supersonic business jet, with the ability to transport passengers from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just 5-hours. The Mach 1.6 jet, which is designed to carry between 12 and 18 passengers in the lap of luxury, is intended to take off in December 2018. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

According to Vik Kachoria, President and CEO of Spike Aerospace: “There’s an interesting opportunity to create a supersonic, electric, vertical take-off and landing jet. It seems unlikely to come from Boeing or Airbus, given that they seem to be focused on very incremental improvements to their planes as opposed to radical improvements. So it could come from a start-up. If I were to have another company in the future, which would not be any time soon, I think that would be the thing do.”