Fan Chrono Trigger Remake 2.5D Look
Just like TeaserPlay’s Subway Surfers remake, this fan-made Chrono Trigger remake gives the original game a modern makeover. A 3D artist who goes by ‘DottDev’ transformed Leene Square into an HD-2D (2.5D) masterpiece, giving it an entirely different feel and a much more immersive look.

Those who have played the game know that Leene Square is the opening section where the Millennial Fair in the Kingdom of Guardia takes place in, but the music you hear was composed by YouTubers PontusHultgren and Dracula9AntiChapel. It is at the Millennial Fair in 1000AD where Marle volunteers to be teleported and her pendant interferes with the device, resulting in a time portal into which she is drawn. After Crono and Lucca separately recreate the portal, they find themselves in 600 AD.

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