Metroid Prime 2D
Fans of Metroid have been working on a game called “Prime 2D” since April 2004, and it aims to bring back the feel of Nintendo’s action-adventure classic, or more specifically Retro Studio’s Metroid Prime, but inverse. Team SCU is building the game using their own proprietary engine and incorporated many features found in Prime, like the scan visor. However, instead of replicating the source material exactly, they are more focused on taking the core concepts, translating those, and then implementing them in a logical 2D solution. Read more for a short playthrough video and additional information,

By translating the core concepts, the team is able to focus on building a good game first and foremost, and then using that as a base on which to create a familiar experience, rather than constraining the team to trying to implement 3D ideas in 2D space. One issue they’ll have to deal with is Nintendo asking them to take down the source or face consequences, but we’ll see how this game pans out. More information here.

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We have a long history, starting way back in April of 2004. [We] cycled through 5 different main programmers, and have had hundreds of volunteers making thousands of resources. But that is the past, and we are the now. Prime 2D has always been focused as a fan project for the joy of creating and learning – this has been exemplified by many prior contributors using skills learned from this project as a way to break into the games industry,” said Team SCU.

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