Billion Frames Per Second

Washington University researchers have built the world’s fastest 2D receive-only camera, capable of capturing images at a staggering rate of up to 100-billion FPS. This is possible with a technique called Compressed Ultrafast Photography (CUP), which captures high-speed images frame-by-frame as it passes the lens. Professor Lihong Wang, the research team leader, says: “For the first time, humans can see light pulses on the fly. Because this technique advances the imaging frame rate by orders of magnitude, we now enter a new regime to open up new visions. Each new technique, especially one of a quantum leap forward, is always followed a number of new discoveries.” Brian Pogue, an engineer at Darthmouth, adds: “It might be possible to improve the investigation into approaches to optical cloaking, in which light bends or is deformed around an object, instead of going through it.” Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of someone skating on a crystal clear lake.

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