Father Ben and small daughter Olivia lost Olivia’s mother, Ali, when the tot was just one-year-old to a rare form of lung cancer. This past November, after two years of being on a “rollercoaster of emotions”, Ben decided to finally move out of their Cincinnati home, but before doing so, he asked his sister-in-law and professional photographer Melanie Pace to shoot him and his now 3-year-old, recreating wedding photos. Continue reading for more.

Here is My Modern Met has to say: “Though Ben said that he did the shoot for himself and his daughter, the heartbreaking side-by-side photos are starting to make their way around the web as others have come to appreciate the authenticity and vulnerability in each shot. Ben would like to add:

Many people have asked me how I felt while doing that photo session. What I want them to know is that this isn’t a story about grief and loss and hurt. Yes, I’ve gone through those emotions and still do but that’s not what I want people to see in these photos. This is a story about love.


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