Stop Bleeding Instantly

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“XStat”, a small syringe-like tool, has just been granted FDA approval. It basically uses tiny sponges inserted directly into the wound that then expand and fill the entire cavity, stopping bleeding near instantly. The syringe itself is made from lightweight polycarbonate, and comes in 30-millimeter or 12-millimeter versions. Simply insert the syringe into the wound and inject the tiny sponges as close to the soldier’s artery as possible. The sponges also contain X-shaped markers on them that can be detected by an X-ray machine so none get left behind in the body later on. Continue reading for two videos on VetiGel, a similar product that stops bleeding instantly. Click here to view more fascinating science facts.

Veti-gel is basically a plant-derived gel that is claimed to instantly stop traumatic bleeding on external and internal wounds, like gunshots. It uses a plant-based haemophilic polymer made from polysaccharides that forms a mesh that seals the wound. It’s manufactured by Suneris Inc, an American biotechnology company, which is also exploring human products derived from its technology. The company plans on releasing a product for the military and the emergency medicine market first, followed by a product for the human surgical market.


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