With gas prices reaching new highs, these electric bikes/motorcycles look to provide an alternative albeit “greener” mode of transportation.

Electric Motorcycle

Todd Kollins, maker of electric vehicles, decided to hack away and create this electric motorcycle. All it took was a custom motor/controller and just one evening of work.

If you’ve been wanting to convert a car to electricity, but want to get your feet wet with something smaller and with less wheels, you may want to make an electric motorcycle first.


DIY Electric Bicycle

“Slofly” decided to build his own electric bicycle using a Lipoly battery, servo tester, 40A/60A speed control, and an 8-ounce 16V 50A motor. More information here.

The motor is just 8oz and can produce almost one horsepower. The batteries just weigh a pound and can supply over 100 amps continous. On flat ground it took 7 to 15 amps at just under 12v to keep me going at a decent speed. Slow speed took just a few amps.Top speed is 20-25 amps with highest burst at 30 amps

Electric Motorcycle Conversion

Marque Cornblatt converted his Honda Rebel “junker” into a fully-functional electric motorcycle using parts he had laying around, which consisted mainly of scrap parts.

After consulting with some plans available online which required chopping the frame significantly, Gxaoui suggested we figure it out for ourselves. Armed with a basic metal shop, we methodically convert the Honda rebel 250 into a clean quiet bike in about a week.


The Stealth: All-Electric Motorcycle

At first glance, “The Stealth” may look like a normal motorcycle, but underneath its shell lies lithium-ion batteries.

Their Stealth motorcycle has a horsepower equivalent to a 500-cc bike, and it tops out at around 50 mph. That’s not much on the highway, but it’s plenty of speed to zoom around town. And at least your neighbors won’t complain about the noise: This is one good looking, yet nearly silent hog


Custom-Built HUMMER Electric Bike

“Pbautsch” gave his HUMMER bike an electric conversion. It can reach speeds of up to 20mph.

Has Cyclone motor and gear system. Works along with the original bicycle gears for great hill climbing torque and at the same time excellent speed for flat land riding. Great battery life