If you thought refrigerators with built-in TVs were cool, then check out these five technologies. Continue reading to view them all.

5. Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Stylish yet simple, this wall-mounted fireplace by Vertigo fixes to any wall and features patented catalytic technology. It’s priced at around $2,400 and requires a natural gas hookup.

Ok, so maybe installation isn’t as easy as hanging a picture since you do require a natural gas hookup, but I bet this will draw a lot more attention than a photo of the family dog. And besides providing obvious mood lighting and extra heat the Vertigo also has a patented catalytic system that will burn off the odorous and stale air in whatever room it’s mounted in


4. Light-Transmitting Concrete

Architect Aron Losonczi has developed a new type of concrete that transmits light by adding “optical fibers” into the mix. The fibers are used to shift light at each end, producing a “see-through” effect.

“Called LiTraCon, the blocks are a combination of “optical fibers” and concrete, mixed so that the fibers create a fine glass aggregate within the concrete.”


3. BloomFrame

Here’s a first: a window that transforms into a balcony at the push of a button, called the “BloomFrame”. No word yet on pricing and availability.

The revolutionary balcony Bloomframe is designed and patented by Hofman Dujardin Architects based in Amsterdam The Netherlands. The Research & Development department from Hurks geveltechniek based in Veldhoven The Netherlands turned the design concept into a spectacular functional prototype

[via FreshCreation]

2. GE’s All-in-One Kitchen Appliance

Think of GE’s kitchen of the future as a large touchscreen display, it features touch sensors that are spread accross the entire surface, OLED primary lighting, and purifies water via ultraviolet light. This eco-friendly kitchen also allows you to load up dishwashing detergent in bulk and dispenses it using algorithms to minimize leftover cleaning agents in wastewater.

1. Phantom Park

The Phantom Park Lift is capable of lifting “two 5000-pound vehicles at once — and the top of the elevator functions as the garage floor for that second vehicle.” [Source 12]

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