These five steam-powered creations prove that batteries (solar, etc.) aren’t the only way of powering gadgets. Hit the jump to see them all.


Crabfu converted a Tandy Armatron (80’s toy) into a functional steam powered device — using a Jensen #75 steam engine.

I simply removed the single motor, and other gears not related to the actual operation of the arm, and attached a drive shaft with a pulley. Holes were cut on the side of the base to allow a steam engine to power it.



Think solar/battery-powered robots are cool? Make room for steam, the “R/C Loco-Centipede” is powered by two Wilesco D49 2 Cyl-V-Marine steam engines and a Mamod SE3 boiler. It uses alcohol as a fuel and runs for 10-15 min at .75 – 1.5 Bar.

“I took a Gakken centipede kit, and mounted 2 Wilesco D49 marine steam engines on it. After many unsuccessful attempts of trying to use the gearbox, I ended up using a pulley system. I tried using a small Unit marine boiler, which proved to not provide enough steam. The Mamod SE3 boiler, along with gearing it down once more, did the trick. Mini servos were attached right on the engine”


Steam Hauler

This radio-controlled “Steam Hauler” is Crabfu’s latest creation. It sports a Tamiya 1/14 King Hauler chassis, Regner Kompakt boiler, R/C boat propeller shaft, and is powered by a Butane/Propane mix.

I really like driving this steam powered tractor trailer, the combination of steam and 3 speed manual transmission makes it really fun to operate


R/C Tank

This steam-powered RC tank called “Lobster” is CrabuFu’s latest creation. It comes equipped with a “3 channel radio control system: one for steering, one for engine’s forward and reverse / throttle, and one for the steam whistle. “

As usual, I used an old & used Tamiya 1/16 tank chassis with clutch drive for skid steering. Electric motor was removed, and Regner steam engine just barely fit into that space. Bottom of the aluminum chassis were cut a bit to mount the engine



Built by CrabFu, the R2-S2 is basically a ” broken Hasbro R2-D2 Interactive Droid” that was fitted with a Cheddar Boiler.

..was very happy with R2, even with the limited performance, but I wanted a bit more of a steampunk look and feel. I wood lagged the steam engine cylinders, applied brass, wood and leather decals. The boiler pressure gauge also fit through a hole in the head. The sight glass and blow down valve is visible though the right body panel

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