Don’t have anything planned for this weekend? Then why not make a few spare wallets, using items you might have laying around the house — or not.

Tape Wallet

Bre Pettis of MAKE shows us how to make a simple wallet using regular tape.

It’s fun, it’s functional, and you probably already have the supplies on hand. Watch the video, go make a wallet, then take it to another level and make something out of tape that no-one has ever done


2-Minute Paper Wallet

Sam Noyoun provides us with a quick tutorial on how to make a paper wallet in just 2-minutes or less, using just “one sheet of A4 paper or card.”

The Cash Wallet

This brief video tutorial shows how you can make a wallet, complete with credit card slots, from a sheet of uncut bills.

The guy in the vid uses dollar bills, but if you’re ballin’, you don’t have time for singles. Or I guess to make a wallet out of hundred dollar bills


Paint Chip Wallet

Finally, the paint chip samples you snagged can be put to good use. Check out the photo directions.

I saw one of these in the back of ReadyMade magazine. I had a big stack of paint chips, and a little extra time


NES Controller Wallet

Have a broken NES controller laying around? Then turn it into a nifty wallet, like the modder above. More pictures after the break. Full instructions here.[Source]