We have seen the future of computers, and it’s “Surface”? That’s right, Microsoft’s latest technology kicks off our list.

Force Feedback Mouse

Developed by a group of students from Leiden University, this “Force Feedback ShockMouse” is basically a device that serves as a “haptic feedback provider between the computer and the user — it is aware of the user’s mouse gestures and can either do nothing, attract the mouse to a new position, or it push away from its current position.”

Microsoft “Surface”

Microsoft’s “Surface” technology aims to replace the traditional computer — “a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a black table base, topped with a 30-inch touchscreen in a clear acrylic frame.”

Intel Metro

Intel’s Metro concept is the world’s thinnest laptop, at 0.7-inches thick and 2.2-pounds. Plus, it boasts a paper-thin e-ink display. Other specifications have not yet been announced.[Source]

Microsoft “PlayAnywhere”

PlayAnywhere is basically a “prototype interactive display surface that transforms any ordinary surface.” [Source]

Hand-Gesture Controlled 3D GUI

Developed by Philips Applied Technologies, this hand-gesture controlled 3D GUI was created “for a home ambient multimedia platform with the demonstration purpose.” It consists of the “Looking Glass 3D API from Sun Microsystems and HandVu developed by Mathias Kölsch,Matthew Turk, Tobias Höllerer, and Stephen DiVerdi.”