Laser pointers aren’t the only cool gadgets, check out these future technologies that may be here sooner than you think. View them all after the break.

Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano uses “a red semiconductor laser module and holographic optical element” to project “a 25-key 2-octave keyboard onto the surface in front of it.” [Source]

Smart Laser Scanner

This “Smart Laser-Scanner for 3D Human-Machine Interface” is capable of tracking fingers in three-dimensions and in real-time. It was developed by A. Cassinelli, S. Perrin, and M. Ishikawa from the Ishikawa-Namika Lab (University of Tokyo).

Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

This clip of the MTHEL (Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser) shows it shooting “3 simultaneous mortar rounds in-flight, right out of the sky.”

MTHEL uses directed energy (laser beam) to intercept aerial targets such as rockets, missiles, artillery shells and other aerial threats. The target destruction is achieved by projecting a highly focused, high-power laser beam, delivered by a chemical laser, with enough energy to affect the target, and explode it in midair

Laser Harp

The “Laser Harp” by Jen Lewin is an immersive installation that uses “movement and laser light to trigger sound.”

The use of light instead of a physical string plays with our perception of space and matter. What is physically not there (the virtual string), responds as if it were

iPod Laser System

This battery-operated laser system can be controlled using any audio device — including your iPod, computer, etc. — ” for the ultimate sound to light experience in your own home”.

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