Can’t afford to pimp your cubicle? Then check out these geek toys you can make yourself during those long boring weekends.

Whipped Cream Safe

“Kipkay” shows us how to make a simple whipped cream safe to store some of your valuables.

Tattoo Gun

“Spacepaintings” shows us how to make a simple tattoo gun using a toothbrush and other household supplies. According to this video, it will take you 10-minutes or less to build this gadget.

Mini Spud Gun

“Larenmash” shows us how to build a mini spud gun using items you can find around the house — including a lighter, tape, pen, and pill bottle.

Floppy Disk U.S.S. Enterprise

>For those who couldn’t quite figure out the tutorial we posted earlier or just didn’t have the time to look over the instructions, here’s a short video on how to make the U.S.S. Enterprise from an old floppy.

Office Gun

File this under: “Creative uses for office supplies“. In this video, “i” shows us how to build the ultimate office gun.