Not your ordinary laptop, these geeky devices were created to do more, or so we think. They range from outrageously expensive to downright strange. View them all after the jump.

Steering Wheel Laptop

If you need another distraction while driving, then check out this strange “Steering Wheel Laptop”. It allows you to “mount your laptop securely on your steering wheel so you can comfortably use your laptop while sitting in the driver’s seat of your vehicle.” [Source 12]

$1-Million Laptop

Technical specifications have just been released for the supposed $1-million laptop. It will feature a 17-inch LED backlit display, 128GB HDD, and a slot-loading Blu-ray disc drive.

We’ve heard of high-falutin’ executives estimating their laptops to be worth $1 million because of the data within, but we haven’t heard of a laptop itself being worth that much. What the heck is this thing made of? Solid gold would be too damn heavy and not expensive enough


LG’s “E-Book” Laptop

This device sports an OLED display and is powered by blue methyl alcohol fuel instead of a regular lithium-ion battery.

The batteries of the LG e-Book use natural gas, methanol, and other eco-friendly liquid fuels. The fuel is stored in a transparent cylindrical hinge. Unlike LCD, OLED does not need a frame around it, and it consumes less electricity. The keypad will also be made of a singe OLED panel, like the one used in LG’s Chocolate Phone, according to the report


Fujitsu DJ-Turntable Notebook

T3 gives us a hands-on look at Fujitsu’s futuristic “DJ-Turntable” notebook, which sports a touch-sensitive backlit keyboard and a sleek industrial design.

Xbox Laptop MKII

Ben Heck builds upon his first Xbox 360 laptop by making it a “bit thinner, significantly lighter, and [included] some essential upgrades.”

You are going to build one, aren’t you? Because that’s the best part about it — we’re going to show you how to make one of your own in the coming weeks with a three part How-To series


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