With such concepts as the auto-filtering bottles and portable beverage heater, these designers aim to make the life of mobile warriors a bit easier. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Filtering Water Bottle Concept

Designed by Nick Poteracki, the “Filtering Water Bottle” concept has a built-in micro-filtration membrane, which purifies water from just about any source — in just seconds.

Portable Beverage Heater

Unlike most beverage heaters, this portable accessory powered by fuel cells and can be conveniently clipped to the side of any cup.


Can’t seem to keep track of all the business cards you’ve got laying around? Then look no furthur than the Skanstik. It lets users scan business cards/receipts at the push of a button, storing the images on its built-in memory.

Glo Pillow

Here’s a first: a multi-function clock pillow that “uses an integrated fabric interface for setting the alarm.” Basically, the pillow will begin to glow gradually (0-250 lux), simulating a natural sunrise, 45-minutes before the alarm goes off.

Build-it-Yourself Alarm Clock

Allowing for easy storage, this build-it-yourself alarm clock uses the cardboard packaging as an outercase and can be easily replaced. Just snap the LCD display in and the device is ready to use.