If you’re tired of the same old PC tower, then check out these five concepts that combine both form and function into a sleek package. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.


Designed by Adam Benton, this futuristic iMac concept features a transparent 30-inch display and a wireless keyboard with light-sensitive illuminated keys

Dell XCS

The Dell XCS is a modular desktop concept that encapsulates its hardware components and conceals the circuit boards for a sleek futuristic look

Microsoft Portable PC Theater

Microsoft’s Portable PC Theater is an object of envy for those in need of a space-saving home entertainment solution. This svelte computer system boasts a built-in projector, CD/DVD drive, and integrated speakers

Napkin PC

Avery Holleman’s Napkin PC is mainly aimed at business users in a group environment. Boasting a modular design and sustainable technology, which includes a single-layer flexible circuit board with an inductive power circuit instead of a traditional battery

Lamp PC

Unlike other computers, the Lamp PC also doubles as a functional piece of furniture for any room. Just pull the cord, and the multi-faceted computer turns on to reveal a variety of patterns in addition to displaying data.

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