Whether you’re a casual or extreme Halo fan, these items are a must have, when/if Microsoft (or a third party) decides to release them. Continue reading to see them all. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Life-Sized Warthog

The Bungie team recently got to ride around in a real-life replica of the Halo Warthog vehicle, complete with cannons and open-air design. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale.


Halo 3 John 117 Monument

According to Bungie, this “1200-square-foot diorama created for them [marketing team], is meant to be a generic representation of a series of battles, perhaps a level’s worth in Halo 3.”


Master Chief Suit

Made of urethane plastic, this Master Chief suit is the most detailed ever, consisting of chest/back pieces, hand/toe plates, belt, body armor, and a faux assault rifle. Yes, it was even worn to a Gamestop store, as you’ll see in the video.


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