In addition to illuminating your workspace, these interesting lamps will give your cube/desk some style and maybe even suck up the dust bunnies. We’ve compiled a short list for your viewing enjoyment after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Spruce Lamp

At $688, the Spruce Lamp can easily be converted into a fully-functional floor sweeper at the push of a button. Basically, “the sweeper is integrated into the base of the lamp, allowing people to give their homes or a particular dirty spot a quick once-over.”


PushPin Night Stand

The $50 PushPin lamp not only illuminates your workspace, but it also doubles as a cork board. It comes in matt-clear, lime, mandarin, or marine blue varieties.


Paperclip Lamp

Taking a cue from an actual paperclip, designer Ben Collette incorporated its shiny, twisty characteristics into a desk lamp.



This nifty LED-powered Twistalamp is basically a “hand-cast resin brick that can be connected in a variety of configurations — each brick has four connectors that let you link up to another brick either inline or offset, and twisted 90 degrees.”


Light Bulb Lamp

When is a lamp not just a lamp? When it’s made from light bulbs. Bulbsunlimited offers kits ($18-$100) to make your own.


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