Did you know you could assign the “Shut Down PC” function to a desktop icon? You’ll find that trick and others that you (probably) never knew about in this list.

3D Pinball

“Kipkay” shows us a few tricks you can try out in “3D Pinball”

Hidden Windows Notepad Trick

This interesting video that shows a hidden trick in Windows Notepad.

Quick PC Shutdown

Learn how to assign the “Shut Down PC” function to an icon. This could be used in a number of amusing ways…

Windows XP Hidden Music Track

Yes, there’s actually a hidden music track in Windows XP, which used to be the title track for Internet Explorer 3.0’s install CD.

Windows FreeCell Hidden Tricks

This informative clip teaches you how to win at Windows FreeCell every single time.

FreeCell is a solitaire card game superficially similar to Klondike. However, it is thought of as a game of skill, not luck. Although implementations vary, nearly all hands in common software versions of FreeCell are winnable, though some may be very difficult