Why throw away your old floppy disks, CD-ROM drives, and webcams when you can turn them into artwork?

Scrap Robots

Ann Smith created these incredible robot sculptures using only scrap parts from broken electronics.[Source]

Detailed Mech Sculpture

One of our readers pointed us to this masterfully crafted mech sculpture. [Source]

Floppy Disk Sculpture

George Hart created this unique 3.5-inch floppy disk sculpture, which consists of “an assemblage of thirty 3.5 inch floppy diskettes, slotted and slid into each other gluelessly, embodying a precise five-color pattern”.

Each diskette is penetrated by diskettes of the other four colors. Twelve five-sided openings are each bordered by the five different colors in a different cyclic order. The six of any one color are arranged in the form of an exploded cube. For any choice of three different colors, there is one point where all three touch in a clockwise order; at the opposite point, they touch in a counterclockwise order