Before the dawn of MP3 players or even the format itself, there was the Sony CDP-101 and TPS-L2, which some of you may still remember purchasing. Continue reading for more. Click here for first picture in gallery.

World’s First Compact Disc Player

Sony’s CDP-101, introduced in 1982 at the price of $900, is the world’s first compact disc audio player. Unlike previous audio playback devices, this player digitally reconstructed sound from strings of binary code.

World’s First Portable Cassette Player

Sony’s compact — at the time — TPS-L2 was the world’s first portable cassette player, forever changing how people listened to music. This device hit Japan in 1979, priced at a hefty $288. It featured a “hotline” button, which allowed users to talk over the music via built-in microphone — overriding the cassette sound, stereo playback, and dual headphone jacks.